Tallgrass Tour Routes

All tour route maps are downloadable from RidewithGPS.com


Tallgrass Tour is a bike event benefiting the Marland Children's Home on September 29, 2018.

Registration opens on March 1, 2018 and starts at $37.00. September 15, 2018 the prices go up to $42.00 to register, and on the day of, the prices for registration will be $45.00. Tandem riders are asked to register separately. Tallgrass Tour is funded by local and out of town sponsors. If you would like to sponsor this event you can find more information on the "sponsorships" page. If you have any questions, Tallgrass Tour staff can be contacted via information on the "contact" page. Full refunds will be given for entry fees up until 45 days prior to start date. After that no refunds will be offered.


Q: What day and time does the Tallgrass Tour Start?

A: Saturday, September 29, 2018 
            100 mi routes will start at 7:30am; all other routes will start at 8:00am

Q: How can I volunteer to help?

A: You can visit our contact page for more information. Feel free to email or call the development offices at Marland Children's Home. A volunteer coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

Q: How do I register?

A: On the Home page, click the register button. It will take you to our off site registration provided through BikeReg.com

Q: What is Marland Children's Home?

A: Marland Children's Home is a foster care placement agency that serves youth who
are placed in Oklahoma’s Foster Care System from all across Oklahoma. 
Children, ages 0-18, can be served by our families in a Therapeutic Foster Care
or a Traditional Foster Care setting, depending on their needs.  MCH works to recruit, train, and provide ongoing support to foster parents through a contract with the Department of Human Services. 

Children come to our families with a wide variety of backgrounds; however, most of them
have been physically or sexually abused, deprived, or neglected. They are truly
among the most destitute as they simply have no place else to go and no one
else to rely upon.

We endeavor to not only give them a place to live but a home and a family. We
strive to give them as many opportunities as possible to have a childhood. We
simply could not achieve the mission of the Marland Children's Home without the
generosity of caring individuals, who believe that all children deserve a
loving and caring home.